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1926 - delayed wedding prank - Glimpses of You

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User: glimpsesofyou (posted by curvature)
Date: 2008-02-22 14:06
Subject: 1926 - delayed wedding prank
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Tags:1926, occasions, twenties
This is a story about my Great Grandmother (Lydia), which I heard during the planning for my own wedding a few years ago..

Lydia was a very petite woman, only just clearing five feet tall and very delicate. She was always dressed and groomed immaculately and never had so much as a hair out of place (my memories of her house when I was little mostly involve not being allowed to touch anything).

At the time when Lydia and Orm got married in 1925, ladies often had matched sets of shoes, handbags and umbrellas for special occasions. She had picked out a particularly nice set for her 'going away' outfit to wear aferwards, and had it ready in the bedroom (the wedding reception was held at her parents house).

While she was otherwise engaged with guests, one of her sisters crept into the dressing room and filled up the umbrella with confetti.

She became pregnant a few months after the wedding with twins. One day towards the end of her pregnancy she decided to go for a walk to the post office, and as it happened, she chose that day to take her favourite umbrella out, which she'd never had a chance to use during the honeymoon.

She didn't open it until she was right in the middle of the busy mainstreet, whereapon her huge baby-belly was showered with bright, multi coloured confetti :)

Despite being such a 'proper' lady, she had a great sense of humour and told the story to her daughters when they were getting ready for their weddings :)
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