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Dear Mr P. - Glimpses of You

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User: glimpsesofyou (posted by curvature)
Date: 2008-03-05 13:49
Subject: Dear Mr P.
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Tags:1990, highschool, nineties
I sent this last night, having discovered contact details for one of my highschool teachers on the internet

At the point where I first encountered you at Seddon/Western Springs College in 1990, I had been to 13 different schools, including three intermediate level schools. In that time I had not managed to grasp more than the basics in times-tables, and had learned some parts of the primary school curriculum many times, and completely missed others due to schools teaching content in different orders than each other. I went from being quite promising in maths to being the absolute bottom of the classes, and having no real interest or hope in improving.

Instead I chose to concentrate my energy on the things I was good at – art, English, Social Sciences etc, and really just endured the maths classes and tried to get by.

The thing that made your class different, was that you always tried to make it interesting and fun. I remember the jokes, which we had to decode using sums etc to find the punch line. I also remember being impressed by your attitude towards the subject matter – it was interesting to you, and something that you really wanted us to pick up on. I loved the class where we used our math skills to plot out the shadow angle of a building, and drew pictures based on coordinates that we had to plot out.

By the time you left (which I was quite upset about at the time), I was much more confident in my own abilities, and I think if I hadn’t met you I probably never would have got even that far.

To tell you the truth I never excelled in maths, and I didn’t pass fifth form maths (not any reflection on yourself, it was a combination of elements that worked against me) but I only failed by one point, and I think I actually did quite well considering the odds that were stacked against me.

But all that aside, you managed to teach me in a way that stuck. The skills I learned while in your class have helped me on a practical level in real life, and I am grateful to have met you and been influenced by you, and I count you as one of my all-time favourite school teachers.

So, I guess it boils down to this: thankyou for teaching me :)

Have a good one, Mr P.
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