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1986 - fairy children - Glimpses of You

Gretchen posting in Glimpses of you
User: glimpsesofyou (posted by curvature)
Date: 2008-04-11 13:19
Subject: 1986 - fairy children
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Tags:1986, childhood, eighties
My mother was an eccentric performing artist and seamstress. She attended a performing arts school and did several shows as part of a mime troupe.

She used to make alot of my clothes, which I was extremely unappreciative of because they weren't fashionable. I'd be dressed in an ankle-length wraparound skirt while all the girls were wearing short bubble dresses and making fun of me.

She also made all sorts of costume items.

Her most popular (at the time) item was known as 'bop pants' and consisted of MC-Hammer looking parachute pants made of metallic coloured vinyl fabric, with a layer of quilting like a sleeping bag underneath to make them extra puffy.

The local street dancers used to buy them off her, and thought they were super slick wearing them.

My favourite costumes were the fairy dresses she used to make. She would match up the colours to the swimsuit or leotard of the child in question. Mine was dark blue and red; my friends mostly had shades of pink.

I used to dress as a fairy at every opportunity :)
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